About Us

Remember those childhood times when you will help your paper doll change her wardrobe every time? We want to help you relive that memory real life in real time, and be a living paper doll!

Paperpolly is managed by two best friends of two different nationalities who share two same passion - cheerleading and fashion. We first met each other at a cheer exchange camp years ago. Since we are too old to cheer and stunt now, else our bones will break, we have to move on to our second passion for fashion. And like cheerleading, we want to spread the joy and delight those around us with the thrills of not stunts this time round, but truly desirable fashion.

Since we live in different countries, we are able to source for economically priced items that represents the best of the fashion in the region. Our aim is to bring to you a wide range of trendy clothes and accessories at affordable prices so that you can be sure that you can change your wardrobe everyday like a paper doll!

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