We Like Paper Polly!

2 shoppers will get to win one item FREE from Paper Polly this month!

Simply follow the steps below to qualify:

Step 1
'Like' Paper Polly fan page if you haven't already done so.

Step 2
Post the picture of the item that you like most from Paper Polly by clicking on 'Photos' on the wall.

Note: You can post any pictures from the shop, sale items included.

Then click 'Upload a Photo'.

And submit the picture of the item you like most.

Remember to type in: [NAME] loves Paper Polly in the message box.

Step 3

Get your friends to 'like' the picture that you have just posted!

The person with the highest number of 'likes' wins the item!

It's that simple!

- There will be 2 winners for this promotion. One with the highest number of 'likes' from 3 - 16 January 2011 (1159hrs), and the other with the highest number of 'likes' from 17 - 30 January 2011 (1159hrs).
- Winners will be announced on 17 January and 31 January 2011 respectively.
- A minimum of 10 'likes' is needed to qualify.
- Should the item be sold out by the time the winner is announced, the winner can select any other item from Paper Polly, regardless of the value.

Please email us at paperpollyonline@gmail.com should you have any further queries.